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The 12 Houses of the Zodiac

This mostly applies to uneven house systems, such as Placidus, Koch, Regiomontanus, Campanus, and more. This article assumes that you know how to read the sign and planetary symbols for this tutorial.

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You might also benefit from learning about the polarities or opposite signs here: Polarities: Opposite Signs and Houses. This is the default chart in the Free Report Section here. When you enter this data in the Free Report Section of the site, you will see a list or table of planetary positions and house cusps in the report itself, which I have copied here:.

I am going to address two very common issues or concerns that people have in the beginning stages of learning astrology:. With many house systems, including the popular Placidus house system the default house system in the Free Reports Section , house sizes are uneven.

The FIRST HOUSE of Astrology: Planetary Placements

Very frequently, only some of the 12 zodiac signs are represented on the house cusps. And, when this is the case, some signs are on two house cusps. This is the case of interceptions.

Which sign is that planet in right now?

However, some signs are found within a house in their entirety and are not showing up on house cusps. There is a basic rule: when a sign is intercepted, its opposite sign is also intercepted. Additionally, this happens in opposite houses. As well, when a sign and its opposite sign are intercepted in a chart, you can be certain that you will see two signs that are each found on two house cusps. This is not a mistake. This is completely normal and quite common, in fact. Not only that, you can be certain that this will happen on opposite houses.

The fourth and fifth houses are opposite the tenth X and eleventh XI houses, and in this case, these are the houses with Capricorn on the cusp. The sign of Cancer is found on two consecutive house cusps: the fourth IV and fifth V houses. The sign of Capricorn Cancer's opposite sign is also found on two consecutive house cusps -- on the 10th house cusp Note: the Midheaven is the 10th house cusp and on the 11th house cusp XI. Note also that the degrees next to the sign's name are the same as those of Cancer. Since Virgo comes after Leo, you can see that Virgo is "missing" or not represented on the houses of this chart.

Virgo is said to be intercepted in the sixth house. This also means that Virgo's opposite sign, Pisces, is not found on a house cusp in this particular chart. Highlighted in pink is an example of Duplicated Signs. Highlighted in green is Leo Virgo Libra. Highlighted in yellow is an example of the sign of Capricorn on two houses. The chart wheel of this set of birth information is as follows: Cancer on Cusps of 4th and 5th Note that the fourth house cusp the beginning point of the fourth house falls within the Cancer range.

The fifth house cusp the beginning point of the fifth house also falls within the scope of the sign of Cancer. This example illustrates a case of duplicated signs on the house cusps, which is very common in most house systems. Note that the full sign of Virgo is found within the sixth house. Leo is on the cusp of the sixth house and Libra is on the cusp of the seventh house. Virgo is not on any house cusp, but is fully represented in the chart. The chart wheel of this set of birth information is as follows:. The Cancer sign range is shown in green and the Virgo sign range is shown in pink in the image above.

Note that the fourth house cusp the beginning point of the fourth house falls within the Cancer range. The fifth house begins at the fifth house cusp, and this is where the fourth house ends. The fifth house begins at 27 degrees Cancer and 10 minutes.

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In astrology, a planet's domicile is the zodiac sign over which it has rulership. This is a separate concept from the houses of. At the moment you were born, the planets were all in specific signs and houses. When an astrologer interprets your chart, she blends the meaning of each planet .

Capricorn is on both the tenth opposite the fourth house and the eleventh opposite the fifth house. Both Virgo and its opposite sign, Pisces, are intercepted. They are found completely within houses 6 and 12, respectively. This is also quite normal and completely expected with duplicated signs, as well. Keep in mind that a house cusp is just a point in the chart. Keep in mind that each sign holds 30 degrees. A sign represents a range or one-twelfth of a degree circle.

However, in a house system such as Placidus, houses are not all 30 degrees.

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As such, most houses hold more than one sign. There are houses that hold part of one sign and part of another. There are also houses that hold part of one sign, all of the next sign, and then part of the following sign as is the case of the example chart on this page the sixth house. Here you can find Capricorn on the cusp of the eleventh house with planets Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius in the eleventh house.

The above illustrates a situation in which planets in Aquarius are found in a house with Capricorn on the cusp. While Capricorn is on the cusp of the eleventh house, there are two planets and the South Node of the Moon that are in the sign of Aquarius and also in the eleventh house.

Aquarius is on the twelfth house cusp, but Neptune and Uranus, both in Aquarius, are in the eleventh house. Mars in Aquarius IS in the twelfth house. I receive frequent emails about this type of issue. However, once you understand that there is a degree range attached to each sign and that planets can fall at various points along that range and still be in the same sign, things begin to make sense. In this example, the eleventh house begins near the end of Capricorn, at 27 degrees out of So, we have only the last 3 degrees or so of Capricorn falling in the eleventh house.

This is why the Sun, falling earlier in the sign at about 10 degrees of Capricorn, is NOT found in the eleventh house. Instead, it falls within the tenth house. The eleventh house, then, includes the last 3 degrees or so of Capricorn, and then the first 25 degrees or so of Aquarius, because the eleventh house ends where the twelfth house begins, and the twelfth house begins at 25 degrees Aquarius and 31 minutes.

Mars falls near the end of the sign Aquarius, at 28 degrees Aquarius out of 30 degrees. In other words, we can make the statement that Mars is in the 12th house of this example chart.

Similarly, since the eleventh house spans the range from 27 to 30 degrees Capricorn plus 0 to 25 degrees of Aquarius, then Neptune at 3 degrees Aquarius and Uranus at 14 degrees Aquarius fall within the eleventh house, and we can make the statements: Neptune is in the eleventh house and Uranus is in the eleventh house for this example chart. Looking at the 11th house more closely: Example Chart: The Eleventh House eleventh house Highlighted here is the 11th house. Although we generally take 'a horoscope' to mean an astologers prediction of our future.

It actually means an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person's birth. The word 'horoscope' is derived from Greek words hora and scopos meaning "time" "observer". Once it has been worked out, the horoscope provides the basis for divining many aspects of that event or related events or time periods.

The sky is divided up into 12 areas - the 12 signs of the zodiac. Each of these signs covers an equal area of the sky and is aligned to the stars. Over millennia the zodiac moves with respect to the stars as the earth's axis precesses - but it's best to ignore this whilst learning the basics. So when looking at the sky, the stars are fixed when compared with the zodiac, but the planets, as they orbit the sun, change position and "wander" about. Astrology tries to use the movements of the stars to understand our personalities and to some extent control our destinies.

Each of the 12 signs is also associated with an element earth, air, fire and water and also a mode cardinal, fixed and mutable.

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More about this later. Each of the planets which for astrology includes the sun and the moon control a different aspect. In general terms they can be listed as:. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are the personal planets which affect our personalities and immediate relationships. The more distant planets affect how we interact with the world in a more general way. When planets are in retrograde e.

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When they again start to move forward again their effect can be enhanced. Each planet is the ruler of a particular sign or signs. Whilst in that sign the planets influence is enhanced.

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The rulerships for each of the planets are as below:. Since telescopes the three outer planets have been discovered and assigned these signs. This information is useful since if you know what influence a planet has, then you will know what influence that signs ruled by that planet have. Signs are allocated a different element in turn. This means that every fourth sign has the same element as follows:. Fire signs represent a persons passion, energy, enthusiasm, inspiration.

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Earth signs represent a persons practicality, stability, materialism, realism. Air signs represent language, intellect, communication and social relationships. Water signs represent emotion, mysticism, intuition. Generally speaking, the more planets someone has in a particular sign at the time of their birth, the stronger that signs personality traits will be in them. Rather like elements, each sign also has a mode allocated to it. Every 3rd sign has the same mode as follows:. Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces. Cardinal signs are energetic, dynamic and proactive. Fixed signs are persistence, perseverant, stabile.

Mutable signs are flexible, changeable, adaptable, suggestible. Again, the more planets you have in a particular Mode, the more your personality has those traits. It takes quite a lot of skill to determine one's personality traits accurately. However, a simple rule of thumb is to count at the time of birth how many planets fall in each sign and then work out how many are in each element and mode perhaps counting the sun and moon as 2 due to their extra influence.

The greater the score for each indicates how much of an influence each element and mode are on that person. Just when you thought you might have got some sort of a grip on astrology, in come the houses. Whereas signs indicate what personality traits one has, houses indicate where they will exhibited themselves. Like the signs, there are 12 houses which divide up the sky. However the alignment of the houses is defined by the position of the horizon on the time of your birth.

This means in order to calculate the houses, one must know not only what date one was born but also what time to within a few minutes and at what location on earth. If one were to the set the application above to the time of ones birth and then set the lat and long to the place of ones birth, then the lowest slider will then bring up a display of the horizon at that time and location.

Using this horizon one can ascertain how the houses are defined. The first house is located just under the western horizon, and the others follow consecutively in an anti-clockwise direction - e. Once one knows where the houses lie, one can again see which sign lies in which house. Since there are 12 signs and 12 houses one can see that normally each house will overlay parts of 2 signs.

The sign used is the sign which overlays the cusp of the house. The lines which separate each of the houses are called the cusps. The cusp of a house is the line preceding. The following chart from wikipedia shows how the houses are interpreted. Many modern astrologers assume that the houses relate to their corresponding signs, i. The houses can also be classified as Angular, Succedent and Cadent and are ruled by signs according to the astrological modality.

As you can see, astrology is not a simple area of study. The above is just skimming the surface of a subject that could and does take up volumes and volumes of books. There are many systems of astrology and many variations between individual astrologers that use the same basic principles. Some prefer to align the zodiac to the night time sky as seen by astrologers hundreds or thousands of years ago - such as in the Hindu Astrology system.

All in all, with astrology today, one must pick and choose the astrologer and the style of astrology that suits one best. Flash animations copyright : Hayling Graphics. Click for Desktop Version. How many?

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Jupiter enters Capricorn at Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn enters Aquarius at Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Physical appearance, traits and characteristics.

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